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Kiryu's Inexperienced Reviews

Welcome to my own review thread, which promises to kick much ass.

There are some rules to my reviews that you should keep in mind at all times:
1 - These reviews are opinion, not fact. You have every right to dis-agree with me as long as your being nice.

2 - I am a not a fanboy, only games matter to me, with that said I own mostly PSone and PS2 games, but also have Nes, Turbograph 16, Snes, Genesis, Gamecube, Dreamcast.

3 - All reviews are final..or until edited

4 - Usually all game screens and movies are captured by me actually playing the game on the real system itself. Sometimes emulators will be required (and usually provide the best results), the movies might look crappy, but thats because I took them with a Digital Camera, since I decided to get a Camera instead of a DVD recorder.

5- My rating scale ranges from the following:

10 - Perfect
9 - Excellent
8 - Generally good, with some flaws
7 - Good, but not everyone will enjoy it
6 - Rental
5- and below : Thrash

The Reviews:

Gundam Battle Assault

The Pirate Simple 2000 Series

Spectral vs Generation

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