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Originally Posted by Xander
First of all, my name is Alex. Second of all, there are many interpretations of the name "Alex." In Latin, it literally translates as "lawless." Like you said, it also means protector of mankind. I don't see how it's a lame translated name at all. I hate the way Final Fantasy translates names mainly because they are so unrealistic and sound really sappy. Cloud? Squall? Zidane? Ugh! Nobody would name their kids that. Nobody. Alex, however, is a relatively common name with an interesting background. Points to Lunar for actually getting a good name for once.

Interesting fact! My name is William Alexander J. Both William and Alexander mean Protector of Mankind. My parents never knew that. Weird!
I met a person who was named Cloud once, but then again... she was female? heh
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