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Originally Posted by Xander
First of all, my name is Alex. Second of all, there are many interpretations of the name "Alex." In Latin, it literally translates as "lawless." Like you said, it also means protector of mankind. I don't see how it's a lame translated name at all. I hate the way Final Fantasy translates names mainly because they are so unrealistic and sound really sappy. Cloud? Squall? Zidane? Ugh! Nobody would name their kids that. Nobody. Alex, however, is a relatively common name with an interesting background. Points to Lunar for actually getting a good name for once.

Interesting fact! My name is William Alexander J. Both William and Alexander mean Protector of Mankind. My parents never knew that. Weird!
I dunno, Alex sounded so...normal, which I guess also fits the character. I guess your right though...

Guess I owe a second apology:

General Chaos (NON-RPG WARNING)

Heres a tough beast. First this isnt an RPG, so my format is pretty bad for it. Ill grade this game based on:


First an overview of the game:
There are 2 armies at war. You choose combat on a dartboard, winner picks of course (aside from the first battle which begins at the beginning) You can only pick places that havent been fought at yet, and they must be touch boundaries of a previous engagement. The goal is to get to the enemies HQ, and win there. HQs are also the only place that can be fought at more than once. After the battleground is decided, you need to select an army unit to use. There are 5 or 6 options, and they aren't there for a couple of fights afterwards, so you have to choose wiselly. They are pretty balanced, though you will most likely have a favorite, and one you hate alot. Then you fight.....


The game is pretty balanced, which is good. The rocket Launcher character is super good, while the flamethrower (with its craoopy AI) sucks. Commandos (2 people instead of 5) are balanced as well. Maps are balanced, aside from capitals (HQs) which males sense, becuase if you loose there, you loose. Nothing to big to complain about.


Its pretty straightforward. Holding A makes all you units attack. B cycles through units, c makes them move to where ever your cursor is. Terrain can be hid behind, and there are bonus items (for points which give you more medics at the end f the fight) so moving helps alot. There are also objectives for bonuses you can complete that would require moving. Plus grenader, Flamethrower and TnT man(Chuck Norris, and I am Serious, beard and all), are all very short ranged an need to move as well.

Your guys sort of auto aim when you tell them to shoot. The rocket luancher has certain angles he can shoot at, so moving him to adjust is required. The flamethrower however, is retarded, and probally wont hit...stupid AI. Other then that, if they are in range, the charcaters will hit eventually.

Terrain also matters in the game. You can trip over barbed wire, or swim through water, only to find you gun jammed or your flamethrower shooting bubbles. Sometimes people evn drown. You can also run into trees, or take cover behind them.

Running into enemies can also trigger a hand to hand fight which you can control. You can kick punch and block, aiming up middle or down for each. Usually you will win, but too many low-blows and the enemy falls down and shoots you with a pistol. Also CHuck Norris never looses really in Hand to Hand, further proving it is him.

Commandos with 2 player (each controls 1 guy) is too much fun.


You can turn people into sjeletons with rocket luanchers, you can play as chuck norris, and you can play 4 player FFA. This is one Genesis game that was looked over by too many people. If you don't mind a good mindless game, play it.

Final Score 86 (Rank 6 of 12, tie with FFXII)
C'mon get back on your feet!

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