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Originally Posted by Icarus4578
Holy underpants Batman! Wow, so you actually consider the storyline in Lunar inferior on the Sega CD? Most people, including myself, prefer the Sega CD version. However, I do prefer the remake of Eternal Blue to the hack job WD did with the Sega CD version.

Yeah Im weird, but I prefer the direction WD took the story on the second iteration. Plus I am really not a fan fo random battles. If only Lunar for Ps1 had the spell system of Lunar for Sega CD... And I wouldn't say the story is inferior to Ps1, I said alittle weaker, but I really should have just said I prefered the way the story went in the Ps1 version, becuase weak and inferior are bad words, and Lunar for Sega CD doesnt need those things attacjed to its story.

As An apology:

Review 2:
Dragon Force (SAT)

Dragon Force is an odd title to review. If you haven't been fortunate enough to play it, it is a Real-Time strategy-esque RPG game that actually works on a console.

The Story:

The story is a little weak in the world of RPGs. Basically The whole continent is at war, with 8 kingdoms fighting in the free for all. You start the game with the option to choose one of 7 characters which forms the head of 7 of the 8 kingdoms. The backstory is, Harsgalt, Dragon God of Light fought the God of Destruction Madruk (ala Record of the Lodoss war basically) and at the end was to weak to kill Madruk, so he sealed him away instead. During this war there are people trying to revive Madruk, and there are 8 destined heroes (heads of the kingdom strangely) chosen to defeat him. Throught the game you get visits from gods or disciples. You meet with other leaders, and there are some interesting world events. Character's backstorys (of either the leader or his 4 sub-heroes) add more depth to the seemingly simple story. Overall it is done pretty well.

Overall the story gets 82 points and is multiplied by 40% becuase it is just there for support and continuity

The Characters:

All kingdoms leaders and subheroes are pretty different, though they really aren't anything special. On top of that, most of them will have a lot of the same abilities and stats becuase there isn't much difference in those areas. However most have a backstory that is touched upon during the game(only if you are the main kingdom for that character though), and secret events (kingdom dependent) happen becuase of these. As for the other recruits you get, most of them are 1 sided idiots. They say stupid stuff, have stupid names, but you need them. They do nothing for the story asides from helping you get to the end.

Overall the characters get a 76 points and is multiplied by 25% becuase it amplifies the story and the gameplay, but still isn't all that important.

The Gameplay:

It's huge selling point, Dragon force has at least an original combat system, which is generally good in most areas. This game is no Grandia though...

On the world map there are 34 castles ( if i remember correctly) each with armies in them. You take your army from your castles, and move across the world map (in realtime) to fight. Winning makes that castle yours, and the goal is the rule the world. This is hard to explain...

Every person in your army has troops of a certain class (Soldier, Calvary, Mage, Archer, Samurai, Harpy, Dragon, Zombie) and over the course of the game you can give them items and medals so they can get more (up to 100) of 1 class into their army. This is pretty staright forward, get them 10 (which = 100 troops) medals in one area and forget about them.

In Combat each generals army would go up (1 at a time to be fair I guess) against another generals. Generals can unleash completely overpowered (at the end) specials to try to kill as many troops or damage the enemy general during the fight. If one teams army is destroyed, the remaining forced from the other team would then surround and attack the enemy general (getting completely destroyed in the process) until the general:

Kills them all

When all the troopps are dead, if there is time left, the generals get to duel (which the AI declines about half the time). It is then a duel to the death between the two, which is basically take turns attacking (with a random chance to get 1-4 extra attacks) and so who is left at the end.

There are bosses (Random events, enemy generals leaders) but most of them are either overlly hard, or extremely easy. It doesn't help that the game has to have completely crappy AI to make it possible for you to win at the begining, so at the end its basically a suck fest for them. It also doesn't help that for the last part of the game, you can only use the leaders of the kingdoms (when you conquer there kingdom they join you, forgot to mention that), which makes everyone else worthless.

Overall Gameplay gets 78 points and is multiplied by 35% becuase thats what you play the game for...

Overall score: 82x.40 = 32.8pts + 76x.25=19pts + 78x.35=27.3pts.= 79.1

You could want to play it again becuase you unlock a new Kingdom, and every one starts out different, though I'm sure you wont finish it becuase it becomes the same game about halfway through. +2points

Music isn't all that great, and doesn't fit in some areas, -1 points.

Final Score 80.1 (Rank 9 of 12)
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