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Bonus Review 2!!!!!!!!!!!
Lunar Dragon Song

First off i realize this game isnt old, but its related to Lunar so i dont care.

Story: Take Lunar 1, copy it, remove all the rules from Lunar 1, then ship it to the past (1,000 years) then dilute it by making it understandable for little kids.
2 Dragonmasters, not ever. White dragon not quark, Umm hes in the First1, and he lived over 10,000 years, he should be there. Umm Vile tribe leader being a DM? He has redeyes, no. Black eyed DM? NO!!! Pink Haired Althena????? NOOOOOOOO
Nice to see some areas redone, and atleast some of the lore there to hold true with the time, but not enough to save the catastrophy.

Characters are about the same, but with no meaning to their name (aside from main villian) There relationships are also bumbed down alittle for a younger audience. -8pts.

Gameplay: No targeting on enemies. No real skills aside from heals. Main character cant use spells until about 10 hours into game. They have slow animations. But they do still ahve dodgable battles, and a fast forward button. -7pts.

I thought this game rocked at first, but then I got to the actual story and the game died. My recomendation is to play Lunar 1, and never waste your time here, unless you havent. This game might also ruin Lunar 1 for some people if they ahvent played it yet.

Estimated score 45 points less then Lunar Silver Star Story Complete

Lunar 2: Eternal Blue is next weeks project guys.
C'mon get back on your feet!

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