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Ok finally got around to writing my reviews.

And what a Suprise! The first one will be LUNAR: Silver Star Story Complete.

Normally originals of games are better to review then re-makes, but Lunar for the ps1 actually improves in many ways over the Sega CD version. Instead of focusing on graphics (becuase Game-Arts/Working Designs aren't whores) they updated the soundtrack (which was brilliant to begin with) added a new form of dodging battles (and thus eliminated the randomness) and updated the cinematics (which where an integral part of portraying the story on the Sega CD).

First I will touch upon story:
Most people will call the story "cliche". These people are dumbasses who think Lunar originated on the Ps1, and thus every square game before it did what was done in Lunar. WRONG! The flying city in CT...Lunar didit first. Anyways my take on the story is shear brilliance. The way it flows through the game, and ultimately through Lunar 2 as well is genious. There are books scattered throughout the two games that hint towards the back story which basically goes as follows.

Machines were created in the past on the planet earth. Among them a beast emerged named Zophar. Althena, 4 dragons, and a dragon master battled back their forces and eventually conquered Zophar and hes aprentice Amalak. (By Quark himself) They were imprisoned inside the earth, but the power nearly destroyed the planet nad made it inhabitable. Althena used her power to transport all the remaining earthlings onto the moon and made it habitable. Later on Lunar, a tribe known simply as the vile tribe was banished to the portion of Lunar that hasnt yet become fully habitable. Thoousands of years pass and Amalak is freed by Zophar's growing power and attacks Lunar. 4 Heroes (What they are acalled in Lunar 1) defeat him

Ontop of that the voice and writing that goes into the game itself is brilliant. THe twist in the middle was classic (Though later proven to me by my roomate who talks to everyone, everywhere twice, alittle predictable) Basically I am only able to find subtle flaws in the overall mythology of the game, and the story kept me inclined the whole way through, all 5 times I have beaten it.

My one problem wth the story is this:
How did Ghaleon defeat Quark when Quark is a tetrark?? It should have been atleast a challenge
Over all the story gets 97 points (for being best story in an RPG ever) and is multiplied by %55 becuase it is an incredibly large portion of the game.

All the characters are basiaclly standard. You have the silent hero, the vain hero (who is from vane...) the meager and modest hero, the mother figure, the brawny and barbaric hero, and the loud mouth hero. But their personality and especially their relationship with the other character is top notch. Bonus points are handed out to Ramus who in the end sells you stuff before the final fight FOR FREE!!!!!!!! Genious, i mean really! WHo sells stuff to the people that will save the world and charges them for it? Also bonuses go to Mia for her awesome video at the end, and to jessica for being a healer that actually does incredible melee damage, which fits her personallity and race. Then theres the subtle stuff. Alex, i used to think was a lame random translated name, but is actually named alex becuase it means "Protector of Mankind". Knowing that i checked the meaning of everyone elses name (Since all of them are bland, yet realistic) and most of them fit with their personality exactly!!!! Again Genious

Over all the characters get 91 points (for being alittle cliche in short term, but having extreme personality and relationships, and for having a deep meaning in their name) and is multiplied by %25 becuase it is pretty important but overshadowed by the epic story.

And finally gameplay. Its pretty simple. No random battles (thank god. In sega CD there was a fight ever 5 seconds or so) so you dodge enemies on screen, and in fights its almost gridlike. Everycharacter has range and Aoe spells target monsters in certain areas. Basically it is the begining system of another Game-Arts classic Grandia. I love the battle system alot, and value it more then most RPGs, but the problem i have with it is the spellsets are so short for characters. Also it is really slow when compared to other games at the time FF7, or Lunar2. Its mostly animation based, and is like that to make the game feel more like the Sega CD version, but im not a fan of it.

Over all the gameplay get 85 points (for being short-sided in the skills department, but at the sametime being completely revolutionary, fun, and removing random battles) and is multiplied by %20 becuase its all thats left of 100%.

Overall score: 97x.55 = 53.35pts + 91x.25=22.75pts + 85x.2=17pts.= 93.1

Bonus: Points will be added for an amazing and redigiatalized soundtrack, plus amazing opening and boat song lyrics/video. Slight amount of points are subtracted for lack of sidequest (aside from talking to people after completing what was thought to be meaning list tasks) and an overall short title.(Total of +5pts)

Final Score 98.1 (Rank 1 of 12)
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