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Galactic Pinball
Virtual Boy

The Virtual Boy logo is more prominent than the game title,
similar to books where the author's name is huge and
bold and the actual title is nowhere to be found.

Many people say this is one of the best games for the immensely popular Virtual Boy. With 8-mega power backing it up, it could very well be. I don't know if I'd call it "pinball" since for some odd reason you seem to be playing with an air hockey puck instead of an actual ball. Maybe they have yet to invent things that are round in Japan, I dunno. But I don't really think it affects the game so let's get to the review, damn it!

Graphics: 7/10
The 3D effect of the title screen is really cool. The 3D effect of the 4 game boards, not so much. But it isn't bad. The boards look fine and they have minor animations here and there. Sometimes words or other little things will come spinning in and they have a good 3D effect. When you start getting some crazy points the screen will suddenly get REALLY bright and your eyes will bleed, but that's part of the fun. There only seem to be two colors, red and black. The game could have used some blue and green as well to give the player the full spectrum of color. What's next, a game that only displays 4 shades of spinach green? Whoever decided to only include red in this game deserves to be murdered on the highway. Everyone loves murder!

Oh my God hell yeah! You can choose from four spacely
boards OR view the top scores for any individual board!!!

Sound: 8/10
Good music, good stereo effects even without headphones, and voice! Yes, there are actually a few spoken phrases in this game. Unlike The Adventures of Bayou Billy which this game does not appear to be based on, you can actually understand most of the voices! Kenji Yamamoto's music won't piss you off even if you are playing for a long time and the pinpuck sounds are fairly authentic. I had to knock off a point because the voice they used was not Optimus Prime's voice.

Graphics don't get much better than this. Except when they do.

Gameplay: 8/10
It's pinball, what more do you want? It plays like pinball and it does it well. Mario isn't in here but Samus from Metroid is if you do the right stuff on a certain board that may be pictured below. I know it is hard to imagine a Nintendo game without Mario in it, but it is true! Maybe this was another reason why the game's creator was murdered... no Mario. Anyway you can choose from 4, count 'em one, two, three, four different boards! That's 8-mega power for ya. 8 god damn megs! Can you believe it? They even have a board called "Alien". I hate aliens. They're so different, and I hate things that are different from me. Now you may be thinking of a pinball board where you thwack Mexicans importing themselves from Mexico without permission, but it's not that kind of alien. These are space aliens, and they are still illegal! And different. I don't like different. The game also saves your high scores which a lot of Virtual Boy fans make a big deal about, as if it is some kind of amazing technical feat or something. I am glad it saves your scores as it gives the game much replayability. My copy of the game was used, and of course I have defeated all of the previous high scores already.

Red LED's were all the rage back in 1995. So were the Backstreet Boys.

Wrap Up:
Not as good as Devil's Crush on the NEC TurboGrafx-16, but what is? It is still a great pinball game and every system needs a great pinball game. This is better than Osama or whatever that Gamecube game that uses a microphone is called. Too bad they killed the creator of this game.
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