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Neo Turf Masters
Neo Geo Pocket Color

What? No grimacing millioniare on the cover?
That means it's not from EA! Rejoice!

Ah, Neo Turf Masters, one of the best, if not THE best portable golf game around. According to the manual, it takes place in the year 200X when the world has been divided into 3 blocks. The only way to save the world is by winning a round of golf. It may not have fancy 3D graphics or an angry Tiger Woods on the box, but believe it or not a golf game can be good without those things! Based on the smash arcade hit, you can't go wrong with this fun 16-meg (only 117 megs less than the arcade) game.

Choose from many different players.
Young Hero is the best... always.

Graphics: 7/10
These graphics are more than fine for the Neo Geo Pocket Color. In fact they are pretty good if a bit cartoony. The characters are all super-deformed versions of those found in the mega-popular arcade smash version of the game. It seems that ALL Neo Geo Pocket Color games feature super-deformed characters. It's like the hardware can't run without them or something. As you swing, you get kind of a pseudo 3D view of what lies ahead and it serves its purpose. Once the ball has been hit, you get a smoothly scrolling playfield with well designed and colorful courses. Animation is about what you'd expect and isn't anything to complain about.

When you think "golf", the first thing that
always springs to mind is the Grand Canyon!

Sound: 7/10
There isn't much to the sound effects. A *thwack* here and a *swish* there, all in 8-bit glory. You also get a crowd that sounds like your kitchen faucet. But the music is pretty good, also in 8-bit quality. Each course has it's own theme, and I think I like Japan's the best, though Germany's is pretty good, too. The USA's theme is good but it is definitely the lesser of the three. The music shuts off after you hit da ball for some reason. I plan on writing a letter to my congressman about this as there is simply no reason for it!

You're gonna have to hit the ball REALLY hard
to clear that waterfall way back there. But then
again this is the year 200X and that means
anything is possible. ANYTHING.

Gameplay: 8/10
This game of golf is strangely addicting. It is extremely easy to play and it's always fun to try and outdo yourself since your best stats are saved to the cartridge forever and ever. There are your typical stroke, versus, and championship modes and all of that related horseshit. The only thing that really sucks is that the Neo Geo Pocket Color is not backlit and as a result becomes extremely difficult to play. But at the same time it is very easy to play due to the simple controls. It never gets frustrating but remains challenging. A great time waster and a must in any Neo Geo or Neo Geo Pocket Color owner's collection. A great way to pass the time at work instead of working!

The overhead view. Wheeeee!!!

Wrap up:
No Nike logos, no scowling caublasian man, no EA Sports Trax, no dumbass EA announcers. Can you survive without all that?
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