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Originally Posted by Joe Redifer
I haven't quite deciphered it yet, but it sounds like he's saying "Thanks it so nice uh!" WTF? Speak English, please!
He's saying "That's a so nice!"

You gave it the same rating I was thinking of giving it. Actually, since our views are about 98% the same on NSMB, I don't feel the need to review it anymore. I've got a bunch of other stuff I want to focus on anyway.

Originally Posted by Joe Redifer
One thing that is kind of annoying to me is that I must touch the bottom screen to use my spare item. I can't just press another button like I can on the SNES Super Mario World. The touch screen is far away from the buttons and I must look at the screen to see where to touch. In other words, the touch screen in this game is 100% gimmick.
So true. In SMW all you needed to do to use an item was press select. I expect better from Nintendo than mere gimmickry like 'touch the world you'd like to go to'. There should've been an extra minigame where you got to kick the crap out of whoever thought of such a stupid idea.
Turn on the difference.
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