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Ok heres some mods for Freelancer, very fun if slightly older space sim. I really enjoyed the game. Real shame they didnt make a sequel.

For those who love numbers, here are some statistics:
- 260 player flyable ships in the game total, of which 225 are introduced by Discovery;
- About 110 new player flyable ship models introduced by version 4.85;
- 134 systems in the game total, of which 79 are introduced by Discovery;
- 11 new systems in 4.85, with about 30 systems receiving significant updates in the latest version;
- 448 bases in the game total, of which about 275 are introduced by Discovery;
- 91 factions in the game total, 44 new factions added by Discovery, of which 11 were introduced by version 4.85;
- Over 100 new weapons introduced in 4.85, upping the number of new Discovery weapons above 200;
- 46 new commodities introduced in 4.85, with multiple new trade routes;
- 117 role-playing IDs in Discovery, of which 53 introduced by version 4.85;
- About 10,000 new infocard texts introduced by Discovery, of which about 7,000 added or rewritten for 4.85.

* A Completely Rebalanced Ship System
* Completely Overhauled Economy
* All-New Mining System
* Stunning Graphic Improvements
* An Ever-Evolving World
* And Much, MUCH More!

Babylon 5 mod

-New ships and stations
-HD textures
-New Nav map texture (made with pictures of real nebulas and clouds from NASA gallery)
-A lot of new systems (a whole new sector with new colonies and factions)
-Long intro: The full story
-New missions (if I'll find a mission coder)
-New alien characters

Privateer: The Reckoning began as a project to add ships from the Wing Commander and Privateer game series to Microsoft Freelancer, but has since blossomed into a full-blown total conversion of the game. The goal is nothing less than a complete recreation of Privateer's Gemini Sector in the Freelancer engine, complete with ships, weapons, bases and commodities.
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