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Tokyo Xanadu Ex+ on PS4.

Took me about 70 hours though i had some idle time in there.

What to say? Falcom delivers a great game again. It was so easy to make a boring game with this. Tokyo mirage sessions proved it to me not long ago. The premise is quite honestly cliché anime, but Falcom manages to deliver interesting and deep takes on the characters and world. The combat is always sweet with them. Real time or turn based.
This game can also be described as a "Trails of" game with "Ys" inspired combat. It is truly a merger of their two other franchises with a modern anime cliché take that they just manage to make work.

I had fun during those 70 hours. Even doing the expected fishing mini-game. They manage to make everything feel rewarding and uncumbersome. I never felt like i'm wasting time, on the contrary, aside from some short side-quests where i would skip dialogue i had fun all the time.

Also, graphics truly are meaningless. This game had the most basic 3D graphics and was one of the most fun JRPG's i played in recent memory.

Honestly, Falcom is probably the best JRPG studio at the moment. They consistantly deliver.

It raised the bar for Ys8, wich i got waiting in the backlog. But knowing that Ys is typically light on story, it's an unfair expectation. I still need to finish Trails of cold steel 2 as well. When will they announce the localisations for 3&4? :/
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