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Originally Posted by Joe Redifer View Post
Wow, an 8 megabit GameBoy game!

Anyway I am glad that there is at least one game that caters to the "space marine" genre that is so often ignored. I really think this game was on to something. I had space marines, it's colors were basically no more than brown and gray. Shit, it could pass for an Xbox 360 or PS3 game!

Anyway, I am surprised that your first review wasn't an Atari game... or were you trying to make sure people know that your thread isn't all about the Atari (ie: you never get a second chance to make a first impression, etc)?
Well, I started up an Atari ST video game review blog on Windows Live called Zero Dark Thirty, so I figured I would just stick with that name here. Almost all the other ST review blogs are out of the UK and they mainly focus on European developed games by developers like Bitmap Brothers, Bullfrog, Codemasters, Psygnosis, etc. I love those developers, but I wanted to add an American perspective to the Atari ST review blog scene and review more games by American developers like Microprose, SSI, Origin, Infocom, etc. and add a little something different to the community.

As for reviews here, I'll mainly focus on retro reviews from all different platforms, with a focus mainly for games on Atari systems. To keep people interested, I'll try to relate it to gaming on some of the more popular platforms though, like the Sega Genesis, as the Atari ST, Amiga and Genesis are all part of the mighty Motorola 68000 family and share many of the same games. Like maybe review Another World on the ST and then the sequel, Heart of the Alien, on the Sega CD. Another example would be Dungeon Master on the ST and then Dungeon Master II: Skullkeep on the Sega CD. Who knows though, I'm making it up as I go. Just like how all the recent Alien vs Predator (X360/PS3/PC) trailers by Sega got me geeked to replay Aliens on the GBC and AVP on the Jaguar again, so that's why Aliens: Thanatos Encounter is my first review here.

I was going to start a review thread many years ago, back when you and Icarus started your awesome review threads. I even wrote up a Gunvalkyrie review, but never posted it. It's on my old XP machine. Maybe I'll plug that sucker in and transfer it to my current PC.
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