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The truth is that Dark Sector had pretty good voice acting. I didn't read the Dark Horse comic, so I'm not too sure how the protagonist acted outside this game. But the character was angry enough to be convincable, shared no emotion outside his own gain (perfect for a soldier). Considering the fact that Steve Blum in Jericho was awesome. The ratings for voice acting is very important now.
(Just like how Blue Gender wouldn't of been a good anime if the majority of the cast wasn't the American DBZ cast).

I also consider anime voice actors in America a key to sucess in next gen games. I wouldn't of played through Jericho if it wasn't for Steve Blum's talent.

I don't play online due to the lack of internet connection and I don't find multiplayer games to be entertaining anymore.

***Finished Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. I'm going to finish Dawn of Sorrow before I write reviews. So if one Castlevania is better then the other one. I can point out the cons and pros of each.

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