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Dark Sector - PS3 Version. And a five to ten minute installation.

Story - A man (lol forgot his name) is sent in to take care of a terrorist whose motive is to mass produce toxic gasses all over the world. These gasses have horrible mind controlling and manipulating effects on people. The protagonist just happens to get infected with the gas and becomes a some what, bio-soldier.
Note - these gasses also allow the human body to control special weaponry.
Like his ghypher blade.

Gameplay - You control the ghypher with the R2 trigger. And you're allowed the ability to control it with your six-axis controller. Say to hit special elemtns (aka lightning, fire, ice) and use them to complete various task. The combat is real nice. Decapitations and finishing moves are performed by holding down the R2 trigger (charges the ghypher) or a simple throw to knock the enemy off guard.

Graphics - Really nice textures. Buildings aren't as nearly as boring as say "The Darkness". You get to travel around the area, but not as tourist. Meaning, you get to explore limited areas of combat. Boss battles are also enjoyable and make you think outside the box. The use of guns is important as well. Neglecting your fire arm can result in an early death.

Sound - Voice acting is pleasable. Character models look really nice. Nice rendering. Models don't look half-asses 3ds Max hacks. Assassin's Creed has y far the best looking character models.

Replay - I dont play online and the Brutal mode afterwords wasn't my cup of tea. Considering it took me from release date to 2 days ago to finish the title. Meaning that is around 10 hours of solid gameplay.

Score: 7 out of 10 (my reviews are heavily biased do to fact that games aren't worth a 10 w/o a reasonable excuse)

Check it out. If you trusted me on "The Darkness", then I'm sure that Dark Sector is what you need.

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