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Lost Odyssey - XBOX360

Story - Kaim, an immortal, sent from another realm to finish a quest.
Along with 4 other immortals. The 4 good immortals, Kaim included.
Must fight off an evil that wants to take over the world.

Gameplay - This RPG from the creator of Final Fantasy (Sakaguchi)
is another leap for the genre. The Ring Key Battle system allows
players to circle a ring with the R trigger to deliver a FF8
Ragnorak (Squall's R1 charge) to every physical attack. The ring centers in on another ring for extra
damage. Each character can also learn skills from one another. This
however is limited to some party members. If you were a PSOne RPG fan
and wanted to experience the genre before it reaches its turning point,
then check it out. The dreams people are speaking of. They are
poems/short stories with music and colors. When Kaim sees something
he remembers about his past. He will unlock these. They aren't playable and some are around 20 to 30 screens long. I did not care for them.

Graphics - Great detail on the world map. The exploration is easy and
you wont get confused traveling on a huge world map as a low level

Sound - Uamatsu (Final Fantasy composer/current) does an outstanding job. The best in Mistwalker's musical scores. The characters are amazingly outgoing and fun to learn about.

Difficulty - If your not a huge RPG fan, then all you need to know is. Is that leveling up during and before each mission/ojective/free time/and before a boss is the KEY to winning. Plus knowing and understanding the elements is key with using magic. And because Lost Odyssey applies
the rules of elements to EVERY SINGLE enemy. Plus, allowing characters the ability to learn higher grade magic by leveling and items is very very important

(8 out of 10)

Time it took me to complete (just the main storyline) - 39 hours; Rounded up

Spoiler hints-
Make sure to have every spell resistence learned for every character,
expecially the immortals. There are hard elemental fights with
characters you may think are unusable. Say Cooke, because you have
3 other powerful mages with Spirit and Black Magic. (IE: She has to be
in your party when you fight an Ice beast on disc 3).
Plus, there are fights on disc 4 that use the high black magic spells
Firus, Aquerus, Groundus, etc. Which hit mages for 2000+ without resistence.
Having skills like Duel Items for Level 8 Black Magic items will help if your mages have low HP.
- Make sure your immune to alliments like Petrify, Poison, and
against Shadowus magic.
-Watch the order of the battle and your GC guage. These two can either
make or break your fight. GC will lower DMG taken on the attackers and
you can knock an enemy caster by watching the turn bar. If a character
is charging for a second round, hit him. This is also why leveling up
is crucial. Half your party consist of MAGES. Mages have a history,
expecially in AD&D/FF to have low HP.
-Items can do better then Zyphyra. Using the Double Items skill you can
heal an entire character before the mage cast an healing spell.
Healing is a major point in the game.
-Some characters, besides Sed can auto-raise after a couple rounds.
Just remember you only get 600-800HP when they rise. Plus, It happens
after you've selected your attacks.
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