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Jeanne D'Arc - PSP

Jeanne D'Arc was pretty good. The same guys who made Rouge Galaxy and the upcoming White Knight Chronicles Level 5 studios made this above average RPG-tactics game for the PSP.

Story - Jeanne, a french women, hears a godly voice from above that calls her to defend France and claim back the land from a evil power. The story has a linear spoiler plot, so I wont ruin anything here. It just gets good once you progress.
Graphics- Amazing. Good if you liked Rouge Galaxy and the colorful animated characters it featured.
Sound - Jeanne D'Arc is mainly a text based game, but the cutscenes are featured as an anime, so expect a more of an entertaining tactics game with this one.
Difficulty - I finished the story in about 35 hours. My second run wont be for a while, but it wasn't hard at all. There are some points where leveling your characters is important.
Exta Features- Just an extra ending, which I wont bother with until Lost Odyssey is complete.
Rent or Buy - I rented this one, then bought it. Buy!

Conclusion - I put down LO for this title. It must have had something good about it. I may not be a hardcore FFT fan, so if this game seems easy for you, then just enjoy the great graphics.

(8 out of 10)

One minus to LO, the memories are boring. Its like a poem with lights and music. I read the first 2 then skipped every single one after that. -1 point so far. I'll try and finish it up very soon. I believe I'm almost done with the 3rd disc.
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