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Thought the hardest boss is Takuto Maruki IMO, if you unlocked the final palace.

Originally Posted by Nem View Post
Persona 5 royal.

That one was a doozie! 160 hours! I did get the platinum though.
I'm not gonna say the game is perfect. The hardest boss fight was like on the 5th palace, wich is a bit after the middle of the game.
It's not like i loved the start (all npc's are dicks to the MC), though i understand the necessity. The menu's were over stylised. The chat box in particular covered too much of the screen for no reason. Finally, too many useless phone text chat conversations. I started skipping them later in the game.

But, there's no denying it's a great game. Though, i think i prefered Persona 4 golden. Both are great though.

Oh... beat Streets of Rage 4 aswell.

The modern soundtrack wasn't as good as the originals but i got used to it. They really need to put back the original end stage gingle though. Though it is in there with the classic soundtrack. Unfortunely the game gear tunes are not ideal. Apparantly, they couldn't get the rights for the mega drive original SoR soundtrack. No SoR3 tracks either.

Aside from that, i prefered the classic controls to the new ones. So, i was happy they gave that option.

Just a really fun game. Short, but sweet, with lots of replay value. They don't make these anymore. Lets hope we see more Streets of rage. Gaming needs this series.
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