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I would contest fates was good. Echoes probably was, but Awakening and Fates burned me off the series.

It became a breeding game with super cliché anime lines with horrible pacing.

In the previous games the focus was on the journey and the story. They were well done. But nowadays the characters all seem to be clichés. It lost me, it really did. It was a disappointment after i had enjoyed Path of Radiance and Radiant dawn so much. The characters and worlds just don't feel real or believable. It's a waifu simulator. Wich i guess is why it has some popularity in the west cause there's those types now.

So, i haven't even looked at this new one. I am utterly surprised they didn't sell it as 3 different games again. I just can't stand grinding these things again. That is not what the game was. It was one journey of storytelling. There was no grinding unless you wanted to force it.
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