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I just finished this last week, and now I'm going to give my thoughts on this game. At first, I was clueless of what this game was. I heard it once, but that was all. Then Pikachief downloaded it, and watching him play this game intrigued me. I finally managed to beat a game before him, which is very rare for me. Oh, and I love this game too.

In this day and age where the 2D animated side scrolling is coming back from the dead through indie games, such as super meat boy, this one is my favorite out of all of them. And speaking of Meat boy, you do find him, as well as other characters you can unlock. Those characters are Gomez from Fez (which I will get into soon, after I'm done), Meat Boy's girlfriend, dishwasher, and others who I forgot. Anyway, this game is a metroidvania game on how your character levels up, and how the levels are designed. The fighting is a lot like the hack and slasher type of games, like Dishwasher. I would go as far as saying the gameplay looks like a 2D modern day Ninja Gaiden. There's even a move where if you hold on the Y button, you can spin your blade as a fan of death to all that come against you. But if you jump in the air and hold down on the Y button, you can spin your way around in the air, kind of like the spinning light saber move in the Super Star Wars games.

The story is about Dust, who starts off as a killing machine, slaughtering villages, under the main villain, General Gaiaus. I think that's how you spell his name. If not, help me out. He then wakes up a year later by himself in a forest, and can't remember who he is, and is called by a talking sword to rise, and defeat Gaiaus.

The game itself looks like a work of art. The animation looks stunning, and some of the 3D stuff in the game looks good too. However, the character designs do look good, but what distracts me about them is that some of their bodies are CGI. I would prefer if their bodies were not CGI. The Cinematic scenes were good, but they could of looked better in my opinion.

The music in this game sounds really good, and I enjoyed listening to it. But the voice acting is what annoys me. Dust's acting isn't bad, not it's nothing for me to remember. I do like how his character is mysterious that you kind of want to know more about him. You have a sword that talks, and is his mentor throughout the game. His voice acting isn't bad, and it fits with the character. But everyone else, including the villagers, all sound like stereotypes of different nationalities for some reason. But the worst one is your companion. Figit. Man, she is one character that I hated. Not even the game itself appreciates her performance either. She sounds like it was performed by Nancy Cartwright, and was paid a whooping amount of cash to make the most annoying voice in the world.

But overall, this game is just great. It shows a lot of effort was put into making this game, its fair and simple, and it is a must buy.

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