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I honestly never noticed, I just thought you thought Halo was shit tbh. I don't 'read between the lines' or anything. What do you say when it's shit then?

And I don't think your opinion is wrong, an opinion can't be wrong. It just seems a bit silly to call a game shit because you've not played it. As I said, ignore it, sure, but no need to bad-mouth it till you actually have experienced it yourself. I think MW3 is a load of crap and I guessed it would be, since it looked exactly the as MW2 which I hated, but I played it before saying that to people. Syndicate at least tried to innovate the FPS genre; maybe not doing an amazing job, but they still tried, and I personally think they succeeded. It isn't just a bog-standard shooter, it has a lot of cool features similar to how Darkness 2's additional arms added to the experience. Hacking enemies mid gun-play is really good.

Like the persuade hack makes someone fight on your side; hack the person behind the enemies, and then hack the people at the front's guns to knock them back, and then watch as he mows them down and then kills himself. Don't even need to shoot a bullet. Until shit comes behind you.

And all the things together really make the game experience fun. Especially when the co-op becomes even better since it gives you better hacks and customisation. No idea why they were omitted from the main storyline, they make the game so much better. Silly Starbreeze! My biggest qualm is there's not many patrolling enemies; you just get into a room and fight, after maybe a bit of stealth. But with all the hacks, and your ability to see through walls to see enemies, they really could have done more with it, gone more Deus Ex with it. Too many scripted fights, I guess is it, the full power of your hacks never really get explored so there's wasted potential in there, which most publications saw, and gave it 7s and 8s. . But the core game is awesomebagel.
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