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Pretty much spot-on review, only I would've given it less, like maybe a 4 or a 3. Any game which leaves me bored with it after only a couple play sessions doesn't deserve a good rating, which is exactly Zelda PH's problem: it's dull. The story isn't intriguing enough to hold my interest, and the gameplay sure as hell isn't either. Like you said, Nintendo wants to hold everybody's hand. Why must there be health items EVERYWHERE, including boss encounters which are supposed to be challenging? Also, it has far and away the shoddiest excuse for a soundtrack in any Zelda, nay, perhaps any Nintendo game ever! How can they release something as enjoyable as Minish Cap, short though that was, and not know how to do it right? Actually, that was developed by the now-defunct Flagship, with Nintendo overseeing the production.

Seriously, Nintendo is selling out to the casual gamers more and more. I only have high hopes for Mario Galaxy. What else is on the horizon? No word of a new Punch-Out!, no Kid Icarus, no new series that really grabs people's attention. Instead, we'll get another thousand psuedo-sports games and offbeat titles featuring Mario and other NPCs in order to make them sell better. The Nintendo of 1985 is long gone.
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