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Altho I do not like scoring games, I think JR's score and review is pretty accurate.
Originally Posted by Icarus
I'm surprised that you didn't bring up the fact that Corruption starts off almost exactly like Halo does. Man, why can't they just let Metroid be Metroid? You know, that feeling of isolation, being completely unsure of your surroundings? There's nothing too mysterious about Corruption.
So true. Retro and Nintendo totally messed that up. What I hate the most, apart from the loading screens, voice acting, music, weapon upgrade system (I hate the stacking up of beams, no missile combos): "Let me download the coordinates for you, dumbo!"
I still think Zelda ~ Twilight Princess is the best game on the Wii.
Wii Sports.

At least the control system (I needed ~6 hours to get used to it) is near perfect. I am glad Retro is finished with this.
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