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Deal with it.
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Took me several weeks before I actually bothered to observe this thread. May as well do my part.

My name is Michael. I enjoy older games because I feel they placed the gameplay before the graphics and other superficialities that permeate from almost every game these days. Not that I don't enjoy a good game of DoA3. I tend more towards games like Zelda, Street Fighter, Soul Calibur, Castlevania, etc. and prefer a good rewarding challenge to being bored to death with visual effects. I like every style of game, from racing and sports, to action/adventure/RPG, to puzzle, etc. Anything goes. That is, anything until it gets several sequels that don't do anything much different and thus do not make me feel a purchase will hold any merit. I'd rather be confined into a RPG than make it an intrusive event (on-line), though I do enjoy a good one-on-one challenge (fighting games in particular). I miss the days when the arcades were a utopia of gaming (the 16-bit days in particular) because that was where most of the truly special gaming moments happened to me. Although i'd love to bring that magic back, nowadays, with all these super-powerful home consoles, there has been a lack of expectation on my part due to lack of vision and creativity in the 'industry' (I hate that word). With all this power, nobody has shown a proper usage of it other than to simply throw in a ton of polygons and not take things any further than graphically. A great great game back in the day would be an event, but nowadays it's just a contest of who can push whatever platform to the fullest and they are immediately deemed quality (a-la Doom 3/Halo 2).
As you can tell from my way of thinking, I tend to get into debates moreso than most others, since my opinions can't help but be intrusive to someone else's ideals. That's fine though. Discussions can be very rewarding and you might learn something new.
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