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Wel, as everyone seems to be introducing themselves, i may as well fall in line. I'm Chris (Stokes),17, and i'm in a 6th doing chemistry, biology, mixed english and ICT. All good fun.
I'm really into RPG, survival horror, some FPS's and platformers, but anything if its fun and i enjoy it.
Been in several bands, one that played infront of about 100 of my friends (wooo, go me!) which was nice.Lol once i did a jump-thing on stage which didnt turn out as i had planed, and dont even get me started when i had to do the backing vocals for 'the kids aren't alright' by the Offspring!
I'm a Nintendo person through-and-through, and personally think GC has the most promising future out of the three main consoles, but thats just me.

I'll see you all later!
Don't call me Shirley
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