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Thanks for reading and I hope you keep reading my reviews. I’d also like to encourage any comments, questions, or complaints you may have about my reviews or what I say period.

Mass Effect 2 - PC

Although a very dark and depressing game, Mass Effect 2 tops off at being a very great game.

Story: Commander Shepard has a new mission, other then his previous work. He has done a great deal for the universe. And from Intel given to him by his new employer Cerberus, it is clear that he will need the best the world has to accomplish his new mission. The story is very easy to understand and pick up. However; the game doesn’t go too far in terms of storytelling. New players can enjoy it from start to finish.

Gameplay: Much better then Mass Effect. The large weapon and skill screen is gone, plus the core of combat is polished so well that you and you’re squad will focus more on pushing through the line and combining strategy. I wouldn’t consider this a turn based FPS, but more like the best story driven RPG-FPS that money can buy. Like the traditional style of a BioWare RPG, the game puts you in charge of command. Making decisions for the fate of your fleet is satisfying and enjoyable.

Graphics: It really doesn’t go far beyond the detail that Mass Effect 1 had, but considering the game has been upgraded. It doesn’t feel that you’re playing the same game. New environments, characters, and locations feel fresh. That’s if you had played through the first game. Minor detail to some missions, but really nothing to complain about.

Sound: Gun blasts rank the top of my list, next to the Gears of War series. Otherwise a decent soundtrack.

Score: 10 out of 10

Overall: I enjoyed the game myself; I found a few minor problems. Mining for minerals is very boring and the missions are almost the same all around, not that they mimic one another, but a nonlinear/linear path has its own problems anyway you look at it.

Dragon Age: Origins - PC

You sit down and play Dragon Age: Origins and the next thing you know you’ve been playing for 5 hours straight.

Story: A threat against a nation, or should I say clan. Foreign countries collide in an epic tale about an Arch demon. A demon that can raise up an army of monsters to destroy whatever peace the kingdom had once known. Dragon Age: Origins has a lot of depth outside of the main plot. The story has flavor, adult themes, and there is also plenty of looting to do.

Gameplay: Once you have made you’re way through the character selection. You play through an epilogue, which adds so much to the traditional plot you’ll be up against once it’s finished. The game plays like older table top rpgs, but in this case. The game moves faster, has a large amount of strategic combat decisions, and even finishing moves. The game is tough, you have to be thinking in order to survive. I can only understand buying this game for the PC. But the pause menu and a few clicks of the mouse will make you feel right at home with the game’s interface.

Graphics: Not too far from competing with games like The Witcher, loadings screens take some fun out of the game. And a few repetitive textures are some of the problems I found within Dragon Age: Origins. Overall, the world map and characters are all memorable to say the least.

Sound: Quite enticing. Each score fits in perfectly and the character voices are pretty good actually.

Score: 10 out of 10

Overall: I think the last two games from BioWare have been very good. I am certainly recommending these games and hoping for more!

Dante’s Inferno – PS3

If anyone is familiar with the literary art that is The Inferno, then please read this review before you purchase this title. Or unless it’s under $20 then be my guest.

Story: Dante has come back after a brutal war. Not only to find his lover dead, but to realize he hasn’t been such a nice guy in his life. Dante is killed, brought to hell to protect his lover from marrying Lucifer in the Inferno. The story is classic, but the game tries so hard to deliver the message in each circle that the theme of each is almost cheesy. I tried to understand each circle, but it was as if they had made more of a mess with the detail then delivering a nightmarish atmosphere. If anyone is familiar with God of War, the part where Kratos is cast into Hades is almost exactly like some parts of the inferno. I felt more like I was in hell playing the game, then experiencing the entire concept of the game.

Gameplay: Although Dante jumps exactly like Kratos. The scythe given to you by death is fun and the combat does allow fluid versatile mechanics. You can juggle enemies, grab, and perform magic. However when you reach the green and purple chest at each save point, I am quickly reminded of the beauty of the same exact thing in God of War. Why don’t I just turn this off and wait for God of War 3!? I asked myself a few times. Why am I wasting time wanting to fight Satan, when the more prestige version of hell is almost a year away (Diablo 3, Doom 4). When a company sets a standard, it’s very hard to not compare this to the example. I like Visceral Games. I just wouldn’t like to put all my effort into enjoying this outside of what’s to come.

Graphics: While Wayne Barlow may know what a biological hell may be like. Dante’s Inferno has its problems. The fire realism is there, but the screaming souls on the walls look like an mpeg being played over and over. I’ve heard that games like Black use a video reel to display bullet shells coming out of a gun instead of programming each shell. This may or may not be true, but I found some environments to be rehashes of previous ones.

Sound: Screams, shouting, and a mediocre list of literary references still doesn’t help this game at all.

Score: 5 out of 10

Overall: If you want a game with a decent combat system, pick up Dante’s Inferno. If you don’t want a skeleton left in your gaming closet, then I advice you pass.

BioShock 2 – PS3

I would of never of guessed a sci-fi spin off so soon.

Story: BioShock 2 starts you off in the role of the Big Daddy. The drill, the constant reminder you’re twice as big as you were in the original BioShock, and the story. You have been resurrected to find out who is in Rapture and the problems still occurring. In this case it’s Rapture’s famous psychiatrist Dr. Lamb. Familiar with you’re problems and the little sisters. You are once again forced to come to terms with why Rapture is a complete mess. Honestly. The entire story is so focused in on the Big Daddy and Little Sisters, until it’s not even a matter of what may happen if BioShock 3 is made. BioShock 2 feels like a prologue to BioShock, rather then a sequel.

Gameplay: As a Big Daddy you are granted access to more weapons. Like the drill, a new hacking gun, and really that’s about it. Plasmids are the same. You can pretty much set a course with the drill and shotgun and finish the game within a couple days.

Graphics: The entire city of Rapture is almost identical, if not toned down to that of the original. The life within the city is the same in terms of graphics. I did notice more quirky scenarios that clustered the graphic scheme. I personally found BioShock 1 to be better orchestrated in terms of detail and graphics. Units and sections of BioShock 2’s Rapture quickly reminded me of the hell that was the last hour or so BioShock 1 was (Big Daddy).

Sound: Same stuff as before. The AI was a nice touch, but I spent most of my time listening to the whistle of bots and shotgun blasts.

Score: 7 out of 10

Overall: BioShock 2 starts off smoothly, but a couple hours later it becomes a boring mess. You get a sense of accomplish and freshness towards the end of the game, but after playing games like Assassin’s Creed 2 and Uncharted 2, this sequel really doesn’t break any new grounds or do too much good in my opinion. Maybe if the series has a few more titles I can see putting this story within the pack, but I’m not ready to give this game too much credit when the story can’t break it’s own problem half way through the game.
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