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I'd say FC3 is worth that price, one of the few free-roam games that doesn't sacrifice everything to just bring that e.g. it has a good story as well as a huge game world to explore with lots to do. Though I imagine it could go cheaper perhaps in an Easter sale. Fantastic game though, it'll keep you busy for a while.

But Mark of the Ninja is an absolutely brilliant game and is well worth that price. I feel like I want to donate more money to the dev it was so good. Can't sing that game's praise enough, so simple and yet done with more finesse and style than almost any other title. One of the best 2D games I've ever played. Great art style too, the cutscenes are animated like an old-school cartoon.

So if you like stealth games, can't do much better than Mark of the Ninja. It's sat on a 91/100 on Metacritic so people agree. Pretty amazing for a little Indie game.
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