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Originally Posted by KingOfSentinels View Post
I haven't played Sims 3, I thought you were referencing the first game. Which was good. I've not played Sims 3 so funnily enough I'm not going to comment whether it's a good or bad game because I don't know until I've played it. You can make a hunch about it sure, nothing wrong with that, and you making a hunch about it after watching is fine, like, I got bored of Sims after a little while of it and generally I'm not a fan of those types of games, even strategy in general, so probably would get bored with Sims 3 too, but I don't say "SIMS 3 IS DEFINITELY BORING AND A BAD GAME!!!!" just because I've seen it played.

Borderlands to me looked bad when it was leading up to release; I played it, and found an awesome game in there. If I never played a game based on looks or what other people said I'd miss some awesome awesome stuff.

Played Football Manager and didn't like it either. I'm not a football fan. I watch/support my team, I have a season ticket and always go and see home games, but ignore all the other teams basically. Plus I'm dating a Welsh girl so I need to learn more rugby...
Fuck rugby lol

You say you dont like those sorts of games so it gives you enough of an idea that tells you that you wont like the new one either. Thats not accurate and the same as saying it doesnt look good. That doesnt mean there wont be one in that style that you will. I dont enjoy hack and slash games. I find them boring and repetitive. God of War is one of the very very very few games that I actually love and its in that genre.

Going back to Syndicate, can you tell me if any of those points I made change later in the game. If they dont, and from what I've seen and been told its fairly standard through the entire game, I cant see how points that I dont like in a game will suddenly become things I do like just because the controller is in my hand. I'm not one of those gamers who can only enjoy something once I've played it. Plenty of people dont enjoy something if they're watching it. I'm the opposite. Before I had a C64 I used to watch my friend play his consoles and PC games all the time. If its entertaining its entertaining. I dont need to play it myself to know I wont enjoy it after watching it. Recent example of a friend trying to tell me otherwise was Dead Space. It looked fairly bland and boring to me. He hassled me to play it, and I came away loathing the game after 7 hours.

You dont need to play a game to know if you wont like it after watching it. At least this rule works for me as I have never ever enjoyed a game that I thought didnt look good and then changed my mind after picking it up. When it comes to action games like this you pretty much know after a trailer if you are interested in the game or not. Once you watch the game in motion for a while, and by a while I mean well over an hour, that should be well enough time to form an opinion of the game. Especially if its an fps.

Originally Posted by darren316 View Post
its not an excuse .. for me id rather go to a bar and meet people than pretend. guess what id rather buy a house than pretend as well . i don't like that kinda game .. i'v played it didn't like it .. deal with it

enough to know i dont like the genre /end/

not its not rubbish .. its UTTER rubbish .. to suggest because i follow Spurs i MUST like a mgmt footy game .. LOL .. utter utter rubbish
Again, everything you say I completely and totally disagree with and gave examples of why which you just basically backhand. Yet I'm the one who isnt allowed to not have an opinion of a game after watching it for a few hours after the things you just put forth? Laughable mate.
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