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basically I want to reburn all my dvds I made and put them on bluray, it's mostly to cut down on space, I have well over 300 dvds with data about a quarter of them are DL, so I want to back them up on bluray also and store the dvds elsewhere. So with bluray, it will cut it down by over 3/4s.

I did the same when I was burning CD-Rs to DVD-R I had a dvd burner when they first came out, OH GOD were they ever slow! 400 bucks wasted on it, and that was even wholesale price. I didn't buy a new one till I found them for 69.99 at 16x speed, I was like HOLY SHIT that's fast, 4 mins to burn a dvd-r compared to 1 hour and up with my old drive that I DESTROYED! I blew it up with firecrackers! DIEEEEEEEEEEEE!
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