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... lol
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you played FF13 before ME2 ... shame on you .. i suggest you go stand in a corner and think about what you have done for 15 minutes

Originally Posted by calintz View Post
nice reviews darren - you got me wanting to buy fragile dreams now
go buy it .. if its like the UK then its a cheap game anyway .. I paid 25 day one and it has an RRP of 40. I've seen it for 20 now.

its not with out its issues, basic combat, needs a lock on, VERY dated inventory system which becomes a pain later on in the game .. BUT it really is full of charm, and after ME2 is my second favourite game this year thus far.

I can always tell how much i enjoyed a game buy how long it took to finish it and how long my 1st sitting was. For example I can't play Just Cause 2 for more than an hour before i switch of and get bored. Just Cause 2 fun in small/short burst, but thats about it. However this game took me 12 hours and that was done in two sittings, the first being nearly 10 hours because i was so enjoying it.
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