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Playstation 2

In 1994, Sony released the playstation game console, in 2000, they released the ps2. The ps2 is one of the best gaming consoles out there right now, it has many more games that appeal to all different crowds, it's also very affordable. The only problem is that like the nes, it has its big share of problems.

Design - 7
The design isn't exactly the most efficient one that I've seen between the three consoles this gen. Theres a bunch of vents and the disc drive is made partly of a magnet, this explains why the ps2 attracts so much dust. It has a bunch of vents, but those vents arent really necessary, neither are some of the parts in the console itself. None the less, the ps2 sports a pretty good look, but why the power switch is in the back, I don't know. You can also play it horizontally or vertically.

Durability - 3
The ps2 isn't very stable in lastability, Sony says that a console is only supposed to last a couple of years, but people still like to play thier old games. Most people that bought early ps2's ended up getting pissed as they broke in less than 3 months or a little bit over the 90 day warranty. I have a second gen ps2 and it works fine with all games, when played vertically, which was how it was meant. Some people also get scratches on thier games when playing vertically, it doesn't happen to me, but some people get it from not vaccuming the vents on thier ps2. Blowing a can of air in your ps2 only makes matters worse by the way, the fragile ps2 also shows owners that its better to take more care of thier consoles too. I've only experienced DRE's when playing dvd's and when my brother decided that it would be ok to put a really scratched up game in my ps2. With this I say, don't let idiots stick anything in your ps2, period.

Games - 9
Theres nothing the ps2 lacks in, it has a bunch of great nich games to tide you over for the big titles. Games like Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Solid 2 and Grand Theft Auto, although mainstream, are still awsome games, I usually wait for a drop in price as the really good hyped games get dirt cheap in less than a year. It's not the hyped games but the nich games that you have to watch out for like Veiwtiful Joe, Bujingai, and Gradius V. The ps2 also is home to some of the wierdest games like Guilty Gear X2, Isuka, and Katamari Damacy. The ps2 also has a wide selection of good fighting games, not as big as the ps1, dc, or saturn's library, but theres certainly plenty to choose from. The ps2 also is the big rpg console, while some say that its all the ps2 is good for, it certainly has more awsome rpg's and other games in total than the other two. Theres a wide variety of games for many to choose from, but theres also a bunch of crap to choose from too.

Graphics - 8
The in game graphics for most of the ps2 games that I've played are really good, some of the early games like Dark Cloud, don't show much graphical prowess, but the ps2 has aged and become a fine wine. Games like Fianl Fantasy 10, Kingdom Hearts, and Shinobi are some of the most graphically impressive games that I've seen. The ps2 also unlike the other two consoles have more variety in the style of 3d visuals, Katamari Damacy, Gradius V, Shin Megami Tensei, and Naruto: Narutimet Hero, sport some serious style to thier visual arts. The ps2 is also capable of photo realism, whether people belive it or not.

It may be the weakest of the three but the ps2 has plenty of up in the visuals department. Theres also a bunch of downs in the visuals, mainly ports. Games like Sonic Heroes, Ecco: the Defender of Time, and Need for Speed: Underground have some of the worst visuals that I've ever seen on the ps2. The framerates is horrible and some of the games I named before them, have better visuals, load times, and framerates. What developers manage to do with the ps2 is just astounding though, too bad I'm not going to develop for it in the future. The best part about the ps2, is that you can play your old games, so if you think that the ps2 is lacking somewhat, or don't have any ps2 games, then pop in a ps1 game. If that isn't enough, the ability to play online is sure to get you hooked if your an online gamer, I just found out that all ps2 games, except for FFXI and Evercrack are free, how cool is that. Some of the games also have hd support, and while it doesn't come in handy that much, you can still enjoy your ps2 more if you like being able to store stuff on your hd.

Sound - 8
Nice and crystal clear sound, it has twice as many sound channels as the ps1 did. While that may not seem like a lot, the fact that it supports stereo sound should be more than enough to hold you down. The problem withe ps2 is that the games sound way better than the dvd's. But as I said, in game stereo sound is where its at, the ps2 also has many games like Gradius V, Katamari Damacy, and Guitly Gear X2, which have some stupid awsome soundtracks. Virtua Fighter 4 is another good one too.

Controllers - 9
It's the same as the ps1's dual shock analog controller, it pretty much set the standard for good controllers. The technology has been improved though, the controller is now pressure sensative, and it a lot lighter than the old one. It's also backwards compatible with all old ps1 games, and puts less of a strain on your hands. I couldn't have asked for a better controller.

Overall - 7.3
The ps2 is a well rounded console, despite some of its obvious flaws, I only wish that some of these flaws were further worked on.
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