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Originally Posted by stroopwafel View Post
Really enjoyed Xenogears when it first came out, game explored some very deep themes through an intriguing storyline and interesting, detailed characters. Second disc really felt like they rushed the last parts of the game though, with its storybook exposition. Still, the storyline of Xenogears was probably too ambitious for its own good. It had some very interesting background reading with the Perfect works book though. Recently downloaded this again off psn though it probably still be a while before I can replay this again.

Xenosaga ep1 was a much more coherent effort imo. It set the stage for future entries but was also more than capable of providing a very engaging stand-alone story. Espescially with the whole human vs conscious machine philosophical dilemmas the game delved upon. Found the game too much of a grindfest though. Xenosaga 2 was a total failure imo. Changing the character designs was bad enough, but the battle system was what killed the game by being so overly frustrating and tedious.

I think Xenosaga ep3 did everything right. The battle system was fun and engaging without having to grind to protract the game and make it artificially longer. The storyline was cut short but ep3 somehow managed to draw it to a satisfying close. Even the ES/mech sections and battles were very cool!

Really curious where Xenoblade is going to land in the Xeno legacy. Still remains one of my favorite jrpg series.
Its a prequal no doubt. I dont exactly remember the ending of Xenosaga so well anymore but they left some misteries open to the time when everything began - the time when chaos was first born i believe.
I remember noticing that you could see they really wanted to tell more about that time in the Xeno 3 ending.

Originally Posted by Escaflowne2001 View Post
Shit! how could I forget Vesperia? Not that it sold very well in the US/EU.
I was reading namco's results from last year and Vesperia sold half a million in US/EU wich wasnt too bad. Also the game seems to have had great sucess when it relaunched on Xbox live this year so im thinking it did well overall. I would expect Namco to release future titles online though. Soon after the sucess of vesperia they re-released Eternal Sonata aswell.
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