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javi reviews...

Lately, I've been doing my art project for my finals, which I finally finished this morning, and I haven't been given myself the time to play anything. That, and I was also working on my other art projects as well. Pikachief and I share the same steam account, and he downloaded this game not too long ago. I beat this game on Tuesday, and the only reason for why I played this game was only because I wanted to play something short. It was short, but I really enjoyed this game a lot.

There really isn't a story, but the way how this game was made didn't need one, which I thought that was the beauty behind it. To me, this game kind of showed me that there are still games out there that don't need a story, and can still work. Either that, or maybe the creator was lazy not to write in a story. ...or maybe he's not that good of a writer. I don't know. I don't the guy anyway. But I do love the ending though. It's just like what Harry Plinkett once said in his Phantom Menace review of one of the protagonist's cliches, "he gets the girl on the end, as icing on the cake."

I love how the game looks. Making it black and white made me feel like I was playing a black and white movie. Sort of like a silent film, only with sound effects put in. It fit in the atmosphere and the type of game that Limbo is. Even the lighting in this game works beautifully in black and white, whether if you are indoors, outdoors, or looking at the background. There was just so much going on in the backgrounds, that it was sort of telling a story at the same time in a game that doesn't have a story.

The music in this game does come on every once in a while, and when it's on, it's eerie and creepy. But when there is no music, the sound effects are great, like if you are trying to run away from the buzz saw in some cases, or the first few minutes in the game when you are walking in the forest, with the wind blowing.

The gameplay is very simple. All you have to use is just the arrow keys to obviously move, and you have the ctrl key to jump. The game starts off pretty easy for you to get started, but it does get sort of complex and tricky as you are going on. However, it is still playable to the point that the game doesn't play itself as if it feels impossible. The platforms and obstacles are cleverly made and does take some time to figure out what to. If I rate the difficulty on these platforms and obstacles by comparing it's difficulty, I would say it's close to being as difficult as Portal. It's almost there with it's difficulty.

This was a really, really, really good game, and if you haven't played this game yet, go buy it now. It will be worth it.

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