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Edit: The views and opinion(s) shared in this thread are my own. Throughout the years I've matured and I have also replayed various games I have reviewed here, so I apologize if I offend any publishers, developers, or fans of a particular series. 11/07/14

Okay. My reviews are based on a 1 through 10 basis.. 1 being bad and 10 being GREAT! "I'll focus on scoring key factors, which I thought need to be broughten out."

My first game I'd like to review is Dawn of Mana for PS2. I've read too many reviews bashing this game. An FAQ walkthrough is very hard to find on the internet.
Ok here it goes...

The game makes a wonderful presentation from the birds flying across the screen like a Flash project. The game has 2 modes, the main story, and the battle mode. I just wanted to play it, so I picked Main story (campaign).

The story takes place in the world of Illusia. The spirits have come together to converse with one another about a great war that took place 1,000 years ago. Which most people know, is about the great Tree of Mana. The main character "Keldric", is a spunk blonde haired kid who was sent across the ocean as a baby. The town he llives in, (which you NEVER see) is his new home. His best friend is part of the military group of his town and his so called "girl-bestfriend" is Ritzia, a beautiful girl who is fond of nature.. It gets deeper when the evil spirits try and take over the tree and most of its power. I wont spoil it.
Story - 8

The gameplay is very fun if you like taking risk with your character's life. You have to use your whip to fling objects on enemies. This confuses each enemy with a countdown status above their heads. Then you receive points, which levels Keldy up. The thing that sucks is that Keldy is back to level 1 each Chapter. Unless you unlock some of the game's medal options.

Gameplay - 5

The graphics are beautiful, Not FF12, but beautiful. The camera can somehow leave you in a blindspot. I was caught numerous times fighting enemies then getting caught by huge boulder in my way.

Difficulty - laughable if you cant beat this game in a week. I say that because Hard more is only selectable after beating Normal mode. The boss battles are quite fun.

Multiplayer - I don't see using a 2nd controller just to cast magic.

Should you get this game or not?
If you like the mana series and want to see it in 3D action game, go ahead and buy it.

People who love Square-Enix - Rent it!

If you're not quite sure on playing this or not. Either rent it or play Kingdom Hearts II.

Time it took me to complete the Campaign - 15 hours.

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