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Some items that picked up this week.

Mint copy of FF Anthology $

Blast Works looked cool & became my 100th Wii title

Some really good SNES/Sega games I never owned (only rented as a kid)

Bunch of mediocre xbox/ps2/psp titles... CE WWE PS3 game from Sears for $7 new

Transformers from Gamestop w/Shockwave code $$

Originally Posted by Joe Redifer View Post
Unfortunately 120hz TVs also have motion flow/motion plus modes that assrape your video. Leave it off at all times unless you like your movies looking like they were shot with a Sony Handicam.
Good to know since I most likely wouldn't have ever checked this setting, Thanks

Originally Posted by Alucard View Post
Those first 3 points are good, but you can side step them easily. You can think of it as no different to collecting your nes/saturn games etc. Once the hardware unit you have dies you wont be able to play them ever again unless you replace it. When it comes to older games MOST can be made to work on current OS's. But an easy way to sidestep all of that for older games is to either build a specific pc yourself or get a laptop. Now on one of these you can install multiple OS' onto it. While it boots up if you want to play an old game that ONLY works on XP, which is rare, you can boot up in XP. From there you can play on the monitor or connect it to your TV through hdmi/svideo/whatever and play like that. You can even use emulators to play your older systems so you dont wear them out. And you dont need to buy the greatest hardware around. My 3 year old hardware is still pumping out max detail smoothly in almost every game. Theres video cards that are triple the power of my current ones and they cost like $100.

As for multiplayer thats a different story. Single player games are billions in number. Plus I'm sure not all your online gaming is exclusively with only people on your friends list. And unlike the consoles we can choose specific servers we want on the PC where we know good players go or retards get banned from etc so we enjoy our time more, which is what I do on the pc.

That tv though is a great one. The 600series is a really good line from samsung. Excellent choice. Did you get any deals with it? For example over here samsung is giving away special things with each line of tv from 500 series and up. Like 500 gets a bluray player, 600 gets a home theatre setup etc. The sony tv I bought came with a free ps3 slim. Panasoic is giving away bluray players. I cant remember what the other brands were doing.
The only thing I've wanted to build as far as PC's go is a good MAME machine. I have several old towers and laptops in storage just lack the energy to invest the time at the moment. As for older PC games that I miss playing, I may build a dedicated 90's tower sometime for those but will likely not get back into modern gaming on the PC.

I agree the servers, mods & community of PC versions tend to be better but I've been happy enough with the current gen PSN/XBL service. It does piss me off when Sony/EA/MS etc.. pull the plug on servers/support on some games though. I still played Halo2 & Timesplitters FP randomly with friends until the servers went down.

I didn't really get any deals with the Samsung. It was $1,423.xx with free shipping but I didn't want to hold out waiting for a sweet deal becuase I don't feel like relocating our dining room TV again and just wanted a replacement asap. I love our other LCD Samsung and should have just went with this model in the first place instead of trying to save $300 by buying that RCA.. oh well

Originally Posted by Havoc2049 View Post
What NES4Ever needs to do is ditch that Odyssey, TI-994a and Vic-20 that he has and buy an Atari XE Game System. The Atari 8-bit computers had hundreds of games released on cart. Then if you want, you can get a disk drive and have access to hundreds more disk based 8-bit computer games.
I may get back into hardcore vintage collecting again someday, and the XE has caught my eye in the past but just like the TG-16, which would be a higher priority than the atari, I can't bring myself to taking on another system to "gather for" right now.

No way I'd ditch my TI though..
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