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Originally Posted by Joe Redifer View Post
Bonus points for the GameFan magazine on display in your shrine there! By the way, where is the pic of the rotary controller? Is that it on the 3-button pad? I didn't even know the Jag had 6-button pads. Are those official?

I should change the title of this thread to something like The Latest Game (and other stuff) You Bought. That way it could be games, game-related items, cheeseburgers, etc. Yay? Nay?

Yes, the three button controller is the rotarry controller. The pic is kinda at a bad angle. The six-button controllers are official Atari Jaguar ProControllers. They're semi-rare and usually go for like $30-$50 on ebay. The joypad and buttons are of a much better quality than the standard Jaguar controller. They're also great for all the awesome fighters on the Atari Jaguar.
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