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Here are some games I bought about 2 weeks ago with real money
As you can see, I like to play many genres, I haven't played most of them, but decided to get ZoE games because Alucard keeps talking about them.

Virtual Fighter 2, what a horrible port! The slowdown is awful, its like playing it on mame on a super weak laptop.

Nights, meh, all you do is fly around around rings, the 3D gameplay I didn't like either, but it includes X-man nights

Lego Batman, for the young, I played the first level, got bored

Black, is a really pretty game, but the second level was too repetitive for me to continue playing it.

Die hard Vendetta, PS1 graphics, otherwise a decent FPS game, kind of buggy though.

No one lives forever 1, reminds me of half-life 1, I will definitely play it again.

The Boob Megumi game, is just an interactive DVD, you can zoom in and zoom out of the pictures, and also use the PS2 pad as a vibrator....

I also bought a Biohazard Art Book that came with a soundtrack for BH4, this would make a great pre-order bonus I think! The second book is a Resident Evil Reference book, that also came with a PSP DVD that has the 4 RE movies in PSP format.
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