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Haven't gotten my order in yet, so I can't comment on Demon's Souls atm.

I couldn't find any confirmed statements saying it was coming to NA or EU so I just said hell with it and ordered once I caught it in stock. Like Aquanauts Holiday, It's hard to find the Chinese/English version of some of these games.

I have seen it on eBay going for around 70-80$ + shipping. I look forward to playing it and hopefully the translation isn't horrible. I bought the Asian version of Siren: New Translation and Aquanauts and have been very pleased with both.

Hoping they drop the price soon on the retail release of R&C Quest for Booty cause I want that one too but not paying $29.90 for a $10 psn title.

Wish they would release an Asian Yakuza 3, I'd pay $75 for it, np..
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