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Sega Genesis

The box doesn't need to be anything
more than this.

With all of the recent talk of a new Ghostbusters game and the possibility of a real Ghostbusters 3 movie, I felt it appropriate to review the best Ghostbusters game ever made... the one developed by Compile (MUSHA, Puyo Puyo, Space Megaforce, etc) for the Sega Genesis 16-Bit Entertainment Super System. This is the only Ghostbusters game that I am aware of that even makes a half-assed attempt at getting the characters to look anything like they did in the movie. However it should be known that Compile absolutely hates black people, so Winston was not allowed to be in this game. That is unfortunate, but maybe Obama will create a whole bunch of new laws and Sega will be forced to recall all copies of the Ghostbusters cart to add him in. In the meantime, however, you can play as any of the 3 other guys. Even Slimer is in the game, but not refered to as such. However he is a good guy since he gives you powerups when you shoot him in the ass, so this game was at least a little influenced by The Real Ghostbusters cartoon in that respect. It should also be noted that this game is NOT based on either movie. It seems to take place after the Ghostbusters are already established and they're just taking on new cases.

Some ghosts can help you, like the little blue dude on the left who bounces your ghostbustin' ass higher.
On the right is the typical screen you are in before each mission. Looks super-complex and confusing, but it's not.

Graphics: 7.26/10
This was a fairly early Genesis game and only had 4 MEGA POWER, so amazing graphics were not very likely to be found here. However they are more than good enough to do the job. The game has kind of a super-deformed style that is more friendly and cute than the movies themselves. The charicatures are pretty good and there are lots of vivid colors used for the enemies and backgrounds. You get the Stay Puft marshmellow man because people go apeshit if there is anything Ghostbusters-related without Stay Puft in it. However Stay Puft does flicker a little bit. Well tear, actually... not flicker. One thing I do not like is how Stay-Pufts hand, when smashing through the wall, seems to be cut off instead of being seen through the entire hole (see screen shot below). A little more effort and attention to details like this would have made things better.

Stay Puft punches through walls trying to ruin your shit as you advance through this level. More attention should have been paid here.
If you pause the game, you can see a map and select different items as well as your bombs (which hurt ghosts, like all bombs do).

Sound: 8.5/10
Compile usually has great game music, and this game certainly does not disappoint. You get an average rendition of the theme song in the title screen, but beyond that it is all original music. The melodies are composed very well for each stage and even the shop music and other ancillary tunes are fantastic. The sound effects are average but effective. If this game had a higher MEGA POWER, it would have been awesome to have demon screams or whatever for some of the bosses, but due to the "cute" style of the game they would probably have been out of place.

The boss requires all of your cunning, strategy and skills to defeat. If you can do it, your efforts
will be on the front page of the Daily Sega News. Turn to page 14B to see how high Sega's profits are!

Gameplay: 8/10
By far the best playing Ghostbusters game ever. No worries about driving around endlessly on a map with a Ghostbusters icon and then driving to each location on a seemingly never-ending street, this game is all about the action. As a platform game it is near-perfect. The controls are dead-on for the most part, with the exception being that diagonals are turned off like the arcade version of Ghouls 'n Ghosts. That means if your thumb accidentally presses a diagonal direction while walking, your character will come to a dead stop. For this reason I highly recommend playig the game with the Sega Arcade Stick. It is an awesome, weighted joystick with few equals and provides the rapid fire that you will also desparately need in this game. If you have this stick, your enjoyment of the game will increase tenfold. Between the action stages there are shops to buy crap like lights, bombs and food and other nonsense. You usually have more than enough money for this, provided you trap each of the ghosts. The gameplay is tough without being overly difficult, though it can seem pretty hard to trap a ghost the first few times you try until you get the hang of it. You only have to trap the mid-bosses after they are defeated, by the way. Catching them is not necessary and only means you get some extra cash money as a result. Once you get to the last round, you'll find that it is very maze-like and seemingly very long. Good luck!

The mid-level bosses are a far cry from scary, but that's OK. The thing that matters is that it is "hella-fun".
Be sure to get your revenge on Slimer for what he did to you in the first movie!

Trap the mid-level boss after you defeat it and the woman will sleep with you... soundly!
She'll even pay you for it. What a whore!

Wrap up:
A damn fine game that's more enjoyable than many of today's games, but then again that's not a surprise, is it?
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