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Originally Posted by Joe Redifer View Post
Anyway it seems like my review has made Vicviper sad. Online does not make or break the game. As it is on its own, it's a 6. Is 6 a horrible rating? Read my letter published in EGM to find out what I had to say about people who could not grasp the concept of 5 being "average". There just really isn't a lot to the game. It's very small, very minimal and hastily made with little effort (this cannot be argued with). For a current generation game, it is definitely a bit weak.
Nope. I'm not sad because I know I didn't waste my money. There is a lot more to this game if you look deeper. If you are just looking at off line then yes it is a bit weak. But, there is plenty to keep me interested online. A couple of examples, Racing for VR points. While you find them idiotic it's a good way to measure yourself with other players and it's fun racing knowing there is more at stake then just a finish. The Mario Kart Channel. Again it's fun to download other peoples ghosts and try and beat them and see what there strategies are for courses. The tournament picks one course and you have a week to race it as many times as you want to get your lowest time which then you can measure yourself with people from your region or accross the world.
This is where I think your score is flawed. You reviewed the game based on racing offline and racing online but didn't even try any of the other aspects such as the Mario Kart Channel. But again it's your review and your opinions and if you only want to scratch the surface of the game then that's up to you.
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