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Digital distribution costs a lot less though, so smaller games would prefer it and could just put their titles cheaper right from the off. It's why most Indie games are download only. Boxing and shipping to stores and then all the used sales costs a lot more than just putting your game up for digital distribution.

So Shinobido 2 could go for 29.99, maybe less, instead of around 40. They'll make a lot more returns in doing so, you spend less and generally get more returns. The future is bright!

Digital distribution only is definitely happening, but I think this generation isn't the tipping scale. MS should keep a disc tray in their console and test the waters of DD; try and publicise it more and sway people to use it with a few incentives. And then for the next gen, ditch disc altogether once their playerbase has had a chance to get more acquainted with it, or don't, depending on how well it was received.

Dumping it straight away seems a bit like diving in the deep-end tbh. Nintendo are going to be distributing full retail games across the Nintendo Network for Wii U, but it still has a disc tray.
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