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Originally Posted by KingOfSentinels View Post
Content doesn't get removed from a used game; content is simply added to copies bought new. It's not about punishments, it's about incentives.
What could possibly be a bigger incentive to purchase than having all content available on the disc/cart itself? The VG industry thrived and expanded for four console generations without DLC and in spite of used game sales. What will happen in the future once they discontinue online support for current-gen software? Collectors who purchase said software will not have access to all content whereas previous gen software will always be 100% complete.

It's sickening to watch the corporates of this generation locking content behind a paywall and attempting to deride the first-sale doctrine by conjuring up "protection" schemes to ensure that they find a way into the wallets of people who purchased used software. It reminds me of those MA movies where there's the criminal gang running roughshod over the town, demanding everybody pay up and do things on their terms. The inmates are running the asylum.

GameStop isn't any better. They rip-off the consumer by giving consumers little credit for used software and then resell at a premium. It may be within their right but I wouldn't support them in this way.
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