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Is that it!? you were around in the N64 era and that's all you played.
I am sorry Ngamer but that wouldn't do. Tell you what if you have any problem with picking games I am always there I'll help you out.

Anyway welcome to the forums Nsider and I hope you'll stick around. I have to say you need to be careful in here buddy rumor has it that the forum member "Veggeto" is a serial killer. They say that he deceives little innocent kids like you and me to his place only to kill them, and in the must despicable manner.

Forum member Joe ridfer has a shady rumor as well his is a bit different though I didn't quite get it myself to be honest. Something to do with kids returning home “clothless” or whatever that supposed to mean.

EDIT: hey what happned to the list of games you have played!? Put it back! it had some awesome games on it. Don't be shy. awesome games!
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