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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare – PS4
Sledgehammer Games

I wrote a review for CoD4 back when it originally launched, but my feelings for the series have changed a lot over the years. Originally, I wound up working for GameStop back in 2007 when Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare came out. I was familiar with the series, but I was hesitant because GRAW had been out and I was not a large fan of that series. Then one day a customer traded in an Xbox 360 and I had to test a game on it. I chose CoD4 as the game. Long story short; I bought every single Call of Duty game that has come out on a major platform except iOS and handheld. I’ve grown to love the MW series, played multiple hours of the Black Ops multiplayer, and I’ve gotten to see it turn into Cod Ghosts (a major mainstream title). Advanced Warfare is a new feel for an established formula. It does the formula well, but it increases upon what some people might find as a Hollywood cinematic formula. I will briefly go over the review of the single player campaign. This is the 3rd developer added to the Call of Duty franchise and this is their first major entry into the series, except that they helped out with MW3 as a co-developer with Infinity Ward.

You play as USMC Jack Mitchell who ends up fighting North Korea. North Korea has invaded Seoul and you are there to push back their attack. The game has a lot larger plot that involves a corporation called Atlas. This is where you begin to understand what Atlas is and how they are establishing themselves throughout the world. In the midst of this you are investigating a terrorist group called the “KVA”. Kevin Spacey is introduced as Jonathan Irons, who is this leader of Atlas. The story is interesting because it’s set in the future (2061) with believable scenarios, the plot develops throughout the cast, and it helps you break that gap between finishing a level and moving onto something new. At times I felt it was taking concepts from other works in the media (ex: Fast and Furious and Metal Gear Solid), but it delivered when it came down to game play.

Game Play:
The EXO suits are a lot of fun. You can burst through the air and double jump. The guns are a lot of fun to use and the grenades are very fun as well. They allow you to throw EMP grenades, SMART grenades (which fire like a locked on rocket), and there are a few others as well. CoD has been known for their driving sequences and they are typically fun while they last. My biggest problem is that they are very straightforward. CoD is straight forward, get to the point, blow it up, move on. AW has that same formula, but you’ll see it spread out and the way you move throughout AW looks and feels like Sledgehammer Games put some effort at making it better. I felt like the campaign was paced real well. It took you to some “wow” moments and then it pushed you further. There are quite a few QTEs or 1 button presses, but overall the game made up for it with its progression.

I enjoyed the sounds. I’m not a big fan of Battlefield, so I might not want to comment. I was using my Logitech G35 headphones on my PS4 and they sounded really good. The gun blasts were good, but they weren’t over my head either. My favorite would have to be the charge effect they added. Troy Baker is pretty good as Jack, but I didn’t feel like he made much of an impact except keeping everything feel alive and fresh. I believe all the credit should go to Kevin Spacey. He sounded incredible for being a celebrity in a video game.

The graphics look fantastic. Greece looked beautiful and the entire area felt like a pallet cleanser. The character models and cut scenes looked amazing. I didn’t see any slowdowns on the PS4, except the loading screen took a while to get through. This is normal if you have ever played a Call of Duty game before. They are worth watching to understand the plot and what’s going on.

I’m glad we’re seeing more science fiction and fiction period to Call of Duty and FPS. I am somewhat happy Modern Warfare finished because I enjoyed MW and MW2. I just wish they had done better with the writing after Black Ops. Advanced Warfare does show itself real nice and there are some moments that make you feel like you’re on the edge of your seat. I feel that this is one of the best FPS on the market for the new consoles.

Interesting campaign
Fantastic cast of characters
Great graphics
Fun combat mechanics

The plot begins to feel almost too familiar at times
The campaign is very short
Action elements feel absorbed by button presses and camera tricks

I’d normally review in a 10 point scale, but I’m thinking of using a 5 point scale.

Score: 4.5/5

The screenshots were taken by the Share feature on the PS4 system.

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