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Dragon Age 2 – PC

Moneys worth of combat and story driven gameplay
More enemies to fight besides Darkspawn
Way more bosses than the original
Dragon Age 3
This isn’t the console version

Limited traveling
They took out a lot of what made Dragon Age so great.
The exterior plot seems a tad confusing

Dragon Age was one of the best western RPG titles that I’ve played this generation. However this sequel does some things better then its previous entry, it lacks a majority of what made DA1 so great. The pile of dialogue and the story behind the side quest were really good, but there is a lot to be said for everything outside that.

Story: You play as Hawke, a man set on a quest. This time, he is not a Grey Warden. Instead you’re relieving a life of a hero. This is done by setting up the plot and allowing the player to experience it. Which is fine, but the story does seems to stay in a secluded area which never ventures on to other parts of the land, like DA1 did with various locations. DA2 seems to take place in one giant location, but the added locations are still enjoyable being how few there are. DA2 has a ton of things to do, making the entire experience well worth checking out. The dialogue was great, but it seemed to be the key point in enjoying what was actually taking place or what was going to take place. The plot takes a lot of twist and is very enjoyable, but you can honestly feel Dragon Age 3’s announcement is right around the corner. There was also a lot less talk about the darkspawn, which made the game seem fresh.

Gameplay: Taking out of the table top view was a terrible idea. The combat is still awesome, but seems more action game based then the traditional BioWare style. There are three classes to choose from, as well as gender (Warrior, Mage, and Rouge). This is also a part I couldn’t stand. You’re forced to learn techniques based on that class, which is different for every character, some sound meaningless (maybe piled on top each other to seem like a totally new class). Meaning there isn’t a slight chance of learning anything new in terms of spells because classes must meet their own set requirements. Shopping for armor and weapons was not fun at all. My first play through was with the traditional Hawk character as a Mage. This class was a lot of fun, but there was never enough equipment for him. It seemed as if there were more rings and belts to choose from then there was anything else. My party members were warriors and rogues and some never changed armor. I also did not find any equipment for them outside of a few weapons. Customization was terrible compared to the large selection found in DA1. Some other complaints I had: They took out giving gifts, enchanting seemed useless, and the change of scenario never happened. I also used my previous Dragon Age/Awakening save and did not notice anything different.

Graphics: Great graphics, everything was on par with what was going on. There was the problem I noticed that other reviews pointed out as well. The constant rehash of dungeon designs. This happens a lot in western RPGs these days, so I’m not that much of a complainer. But what I didn’t understand is that the entire game does this, and this is my opinion, in the same spots because you never travel that far off from where you started. Combat also has a lot more going on, however I did not see too many glory kills in DA2. Maybe more gore, but the game looks great.

Sound: Great soundtrack. I believe the same person who played as Balthier from Final Fantasy XII makes a great appearance.

Score: 5 out of 10 Edit: I changed this score because this title nowhere lives up to the original.

Overall: Dragon Age 2 feels like it could catch the eye of any new person coming to the series. But it lacks a lot that I found to be amazing in the first one. The new story, the amount of side quest and dialogue however make it a very good game. As much as I want cannot stand what they did with the equipment and traveling. This one should not be missed if you’re a fan of the Dragon Age. I would also like to point out that this sequel could not fill too many holes for the Third installment because there is not much to build in DA2, maybe a trailers worth. But you could sum that up in five minutes easily (those who do not get what I’m saying will understand once they check out DA2).

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