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Starfox Adventures - Gamecube

Starfox Adventures started life as Dinosaur Planet on the N64. With the game near completion on the system development was switched to the Gamecube and RARE replaced the Dinosaur characters with the Star Fox characters. Clearly some of the original elements of Dinosaur Planet feature in the game. But the game was largely rejected by fans and given a mediocre reception by critics. Just why was this? Could fans not stand the fact that this game was not a Starfox/Lylat Wars clone... Was it simply a cheap rip off of other adventure games in the genre?

By other games in the genre I of course mean Zelda: Ocarina Of Time. It is a shame to compare these game because whilst this game does not come close to Link's debut N64 outing. It still stands as a good game in its own right. The first thing that hits you is the visuals. Ok, nowadays they won't blow you away but the character model and fur effect on Fox McLoud is really superb. You navigate the 'Dinosaur Planet' with the help of this annoying dino called Tricky, who is similar to Navi from the Zelda series. The difference being that Tricky is more integral to gameplay. Many sections of the game will see you alter terrain to make it accessible for him or using his abilities to solve certain puzzles. When I say puzzles, the biggest downer of this game is the fact that the game is pretty easy! You will almost never be stuck and very few parts of the game or bosses will challenge you. Don't get me wrong the game is very well thought through and is a joy to play, but nothing will really test you. Along side the aforementioned puzzles is a combat system which is surprisingly intuitive. Fox carries a staff and can lock onto individual enemies and strafe and dodge their attacks whilst inflicting his own damage. Once again the game 'Borrows' heavily from a certain tunic wearing forest boy, but if it ain't broke. Like the puzzles though the enemies are far too basic. Sure they block and dodge but you will rarely feel challenged.

These points leave me in a really difficult position with this review because despite all this I really enjoyed this game. Whilst it wasn't an intense rush it was more than enjoyable. The characters all vocalised their own lines (Zelda take note) and the controls were really tight making the game very playable. I got a good 14 hours of gameplay out of this that I really enjoyed. To put it into perspective thatís the same length of time it took me to complete Half Life 2, but 20 hours less than it took me to finish Zelda: OOT. The characters are memorable, special note must go to the shop keeper who only has 2 phrases "You pay this much" and "Ok, I'll sell it to you". He is up there in the hilarity stakes with Resident Evil 4's "Whaddya Buyin'", "Whaddya Sellin'" roaming salesman.

If you are new to adventure games I cannot recommend this game enough. It has lots of charm, incredible polish and immaculate presentation and can now be purchased on budget working on a Wii and is also Dolphin compatible. Visually it still holds up pretty well all these years. If you are a seasoned adventurer it won't challenge you and dare I say it may become dull, but for me the charm and playability of the game shone through. When you look up the best games on the Gamecube this game never features which is a shame because it is a real diamond in the rough. Overlook this and you are missing out.

Pros - Beautiful presentation and high production value. Controls are spot on in all respects
Cons - May not test experienced gamers. Tricky the Dinosaur is annoying. Fans of the series may not like the direction of the game.

Overall - 83%
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