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I am almost positive that you did a full Splatterhouse review and you loved it too. I searched and cannot find it. What's wrong in here?!

I saw your Genesis recommended list and Sword of Vermillion was on it. I am quite surprised because I hated that game and I am very easy to satisfy. Can you please tell me what you like about that game. Would love a full fledge review but a mini one is fine if you are lazy, actually if you are too lazy for that too then just a regular post telling me why you like it. Would be appreciated.

You donít talk about the mega CD and 32X much I find that strange for an old school SEGA fan because these two add ones are mind blowing. For instance, I tried Chaotix on the 32X for a second just now and the graphics were outstanding even now after 15 years from making that game. I demand more praise to those add ons.
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