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Originally Posted by Daniel4802
What a dull PPV this will be.

WWE might as well bring back Doink, Earthquake, and Tugboat.
Earthquake died like last week. Not kidding. Check the link

It's amazing how many wrestlers I grew up watching are now dead. Including Mr. Perfect, Big Boss Man, British Bulldog, Eddie Guerrero, Owen Hart, Miss Elizabeth, both members of Public Enemy tag team, Road Warrior Hawk, Ravishing Rick Rude, Earthquake and others. The last time I saw Lex Luger it looks like his time could be coming soon.

As far as the current product I think John Cena sucks and always has. Making him the main star has sent WWE downhill. I do like RVD though at least he's champ for now. I think King Booker should get a chance to have the belt on Smackdown.

Originally Posted by Dr. Bombay
Balls Mahoney?

WTF is that? I know I haven't watched RAW ina while but....Balls Mahoney?
He's an ECW guy.

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