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Originally posted by DeathStroke
Of the ones I've seen, Berserk has to be the best.
good of the most contreversial endings ever..

Originally posted by suronosuke
3x3 eyes a classic and what got me into anime.

Naruto is getting boring and every eps(around 25mins) now shows you 5mins of recaps(same reused animation from previous eps), about 4 mins intro-endtro, and the same pointless dialouges, recaps of what happened in the previous eps...

I`m already done with the Naruto anime thank god for the manga. Anyway go watch midori no hibi its unique
where are you in the anime?

they stopped doing flashbakcs (mainly due to complaints) around episode 48..

where are you in the manga?

all i gotta say is..

sasuke's bro just made an appearence..and it's JUST as cool as it was in the fact..cooler..

thats what i love about that show, they stay TRUE to the source..

get up on your of the only video game anime's to be worth looking at..

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