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OK here are some screen caps I just grabbed from S-Video. I don't have that particular stage unlocked due to the quick onset of boredom that this game caused, but this should do:

Notice that this has an extra black border around the screen, which is typical on many games. But the amount of detail is roughly the same I'd say (aside from the general "blah" quality of the video capture). There is a bit of interlacing motion artifacts though:

This is caused by me not being able to have a perfectly still screen to get the screen grab like I could on Out Run 2 and Ninja Gaiden. So this is what happens. You can also see this in the yellow glow of the larger ship's thrusters. That's 1/60th of a difference in time right there. 480p fixes this, but I have no way to do a 480p screen capture without taking a picture of the screen with my digital camera.

So it is obvious that the screenshot you originally provided was not from the Gamecube itself, but rather it's development system. They got rid of the black border but that seems to be about it. Otherwise it does not look like they enhanced the resolution, textures, anti-aliasing or any other graphics feature in any way.

OK this is a shot from 480p 4:3 (the game is not in widescreen) with a digital camera from my TV screen. Not as good as a true video capture as has been mentioned previously in this thread, but oh well. It's good for getting in close and pointing out jaggies, which every game at a 640x480 resolution will have! But progressive made it look a little better as I played.

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