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I was a C-64 and then an Atari ST man myself. The Amiga and Atari ST had many of the same games, but I will admit, that the Amiga was a slightly more powerful gaming and multimedia machine. I would take TOS over Workbench anyday though.

My first computer was actually an Atari 400, but that was way to underpowered with only 16k. I saved up a bunch of money from a summer job as a kid and couldn't decide what to get, one of the new Atari 65/130XE or the C-64c or C-128 computers. My heart was with Atari, but the C-64/128 line was pulling ahead and getting more of the cool new games. I went with the C-64c and was happy with all the great games, software and the cool high tech design.

I think the Amiga actually came out in late 1985 or early 1986. I know the Atari 520 ST came out in 1985 and beat the Amiga 1000 to market by a few months. The Amiga 1200/3000 and Atari Falcon computers were actually some really powerful gaming machines, but the writing was already on the wall, as the Windows/Intel juggernaut was taking over. For a while, I even though Apple and the Mac were done for.

Remember when Electronic Arts used to make really good original games? They were independent Electronic Artists...oh how times have changed. Ever since Trip Hawkins left EA, they went down hill.
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